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Lets see !
hmmmm, what shall I write?
Oh, eKtshaft a lot of things "as usual" =P, and i don't know where to start xD.

1) . . .
In our way back to alain today; i noticed that she is slowly returning as before "el.7mdellah <3". She needs some time and we know that, we are not in a hurry. All what we want that she is "b5air O sHaLa".

2) . . .
Deep deep there in my heart, i feel by change !! yes, my feeling is not like how it was before !! it may hurts me somehow but it is normal. "Feelings" always change over time and it is NORMAL. But, i don't know why am in hurt? am trying my best to ignore that feeling and keep telling myself: "I still feel the same, same as before". Yes, I still in love with them <3 =D.

3) . . .
 {Mrrat Snah}; i don't like m7md 3bdo & 3bd.elmajed, actually m7md 3bdo i NEVER EVER listen to him. I got headache whenever they just say his name x/, do you beleive this LOLz xD?! During IDEX i start listening to this song -est'3fr allah x/- and i liked it. It makes me remeber my days in AD <3, our adventures & hmmmmmm, it is one year now!! Yes one year that i can say about it "the changing point" in my life =D ! MANY things happened on that year i didn't EVER expect it will happen EVER in my whole life O_o !! It was SUPPER SUPPER amazing wallah <3 {it was like a sweat dream}. El7mdellah waayed for ever. Today; e5tba9 everything O am still m5tb9aah =S !! UGH, i can't..... hmmmm, i just hmmm ........................... !!!!!!!! [linked to number 2]

4) . . .
Am wondering !!! why {ajjaz} ?? I am really unbelieveable person !!أجز بشكل أبدآ مب طبيعي
They got angry because of this bad habbit. Am trying to be 3adii but i can't. I don't like anybody to set on my bed especially 9oOb el.m5adah or touch my things. I don't like EVER to drink after anyone even my mum O_O! i don't like to eat after anyone, i don't like anyone to drink or eat anything after me "لي مآ اتحبه لنفسك ليش اتحبه لغيرك؟". I don't like anybody to give me any kind of food direct from thier hands x/ untill making sure they are cleaned and even though i don't like. I don't like ever to wear my clothes for a second time without washing them "even if i wore them for half an hour or less" and they are cleaned. In LOVE with en'9afaah <3. bs wallah i do more than this O its O_O !! ma adrii when i'll change or this habbit will become less than now x_x". Allah y3inii, they said mob zain ma a3rf sho ystwii yom el8yamah for these kind of ppl =S. Nobody  from family is like me except mum's antie and she is MORE and MORE than me. انا مآ أيي شي في بحرهآ ههههههه

5) . . .
Those two weeks in additiion of this week, i learned manything. 9d8 that life is a school teaches us a lot and we learn alot and we still learning =). Aaaaaah, yoOm a8oLkom i want to be a child a gain !!! ma7d ysma3nii >_<.

*I was here; 30-3-2011