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Hello there,
Nothing new here, eveything is just the same. I was seeking for a job in Al Ain (( since it's not allowed to us as girls to be away from home/hometown )) & i was telling everybody that i don't want to get one by "was6a", although if i want it's just easy. But, never!! if they keep doing this in AA, wallah it won't move up. We should do something; it hurts wallah. Al-Ain is a part of our heart n we FOR sure want the best 7ghaa. Bss, one hand can't do anything.
My efforts went down; I got busy with my family, and i had that chance of being closer to them in the time where i was COMPLETELY BUSY with my bachelor degree. After that, i continued searching for a job meanwhile I was thinking of completing my master degree but I couldn't make it in Masdar institute due to some reasons ! Recently, i stopped searching for a job right now cuz I have some instability & I postponded thinking of my master to maybe 2 years jddam who knows i may have a GREAT alternative since i want Masdar mn 5a6ryah.
Oh yeah !! Don't tell me; 1st i got busy with my family, 2nd i have the instability issue. I told them before my destination is not clear, my futre is just hazy!! Hoping for the best InSha-Allah. Hopefully, my brain keeps the remaining IT infor. there xD.
P.S; DEEEEEEEEEEEEE...EEP from the bottom of my heart i wish you BEST BEST BEST el. BEST #Sweethearts #A #KH