Smile ~ anyway

Whatever happened; no matter how bad is it !
no matter how efforts i did or do,
no matter how is my Luck,
no matter how .....*Long breath* hmmmmm;
                 I'll try to keep smiling,
                                keep thinking positivley,
                                            i'll not let it affect me. . .
                           . . .Allah Kareem. . .
am trusting my Lord (Allah) and this is the important thing =).

~> It is ture my day was distasteful and i had some shocks, but i'm fine and happy somehow =P.
I have nothing to say except "El.7mdellah <3".

  • Model: M6r {Ma6oOri}
  • Taken by: {Sh}, Little czn ;P
  • Edited by: me {twice} ~ Long story xD
Masha-Allah would be nice ~ please ya3ni =)
          { La 5Leet mnah, asmehaa el.3rb mtwa7etnaah ha.9bay }

P.S: Ma6oOri; i'll try to keep my smile as u do 7abebe <3.

*Note: another direct face picture for one of my family; Feeling '3air =S. . .